too many films, not enough time.

to do PFF23 this weekend, or just a WHIPLASH and (hopefully) BIRDMAN double feature?

also, these will probably be done alone, which is sad. oh well, San Diego in like the weeks.

need a .gif of Boyle saying, “There’s more where that came from…I’ve got a real wet mouth.” ASAP

D4, DANCE CENTRAL, FANTASIA: MUSIC EVOLVED…the Kinect revival is real.

feeling like the world is against me right now on a cosmic level but in actuality it’s probably just myself.

not even through the first class trial on DANGAN RONPA 2: GOODBYE DESPAIR and i already have taken like 50 screenshots. my posting hiatus will soon come to an end.

it wasn’t always the show i wanted it to be, and the ending wasn’t completely perfect, but i am really going to miss WILFRED. when it was at its best, it was one of the most emotionally resonant shows on tv, and even when it stumbled there was nothing else like it.

PSA: today is my birthday and i am both sick and sad. also i will be working.

my favorite albums of the year so far, which i wrote about a bit here.

did the same thing with my favorite songs as well.

good year for music up to this point, can’t wait for what else is yet to come.

took four tries, but Bay finally made a good TRANSFORMERS film. it’s obviously no PAIN & GAIN, but Mark makes up for the Shia loss. the strangest thing/best thing is how he gets these notable comedic actors to come out guns blazing for small parts too. Tom Lennon and TJ Miller both killed it.

hope he makes something before TRANSFORMER5, but definitely looking forward to that now.

most importantly though: dinosaurs and american flags!