not even through the first class trial on DANGAN RONPA 2: GOODBYE DESPAIR and i already have taken like 50 screenshots. my posting hiatus will soon come to an end.

it wasn’t always the show i wanted it to be, and the ending wasn’t completely perfect, but i am really going to miss WILFRED. when it was at its best, it was one of the most emotionally resonant shows on tv, and even when it stumbled there was nothing else like it.

PSA: today is my birthday and i am both sick and sad. also i will be working.

my favorite albums of the year so far, which i wrote about a bit here.

did the same thing with my favorite songs as well.

good year for music up to this point, can’t wait for what else is yet to come.

took four tries, but Bay finally made a good TRANSFORMERS film. it’s obviously no PAIN & GAIN, but Mark makes up for the Shia loss. the strangest thing/best thing is how he gets these notable comedic actors to come out guns blazing for small parts too. Tom Lennon and TJ Miller both killed it.

hope he makes something before TRANSFORMER5, but definitely looking forward to that now.

most importantly though: dinosaurs and american flags!

had an incredible weekend at the beach and the casino and everything, but there were times where it was bittersweet because i saw a lot of couples walking around and i just want so bad to be able to hold someone’s hand and just walk down the beach and lay in the sun and everything.

it’s still strange to me that all the adults in HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON have accents while all the kids are just straight up celebrity voices. like do they magically gain an accent when they are done going through puberty?

also suspect move on their part to have only one non-white character in the second film and make him be this figure of irredeemable evil.

not sure if JOE is more impressive for reigniting my love of David Gordon Green or my love of Nic Cage.

either way…what a film. reminded me why i fell in love with his work in the first place: the way he evokes such universal discourse and emotions through these incredibly specific locations. need to watch the beauty that is GEORGE WASHINGTON again soon.

this meenah who replied to my john prompt is fucking magical. like each post since the start has been a four paragraph delight to read for about the past week and a half and what was just this basic smut/kink prompt has so much great character interaction and actual plot going on that i just want to always be replying all the time.

whoever you are, you are perfect!